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You've always wanted clear skin. It doesn't matter if it is teen acne, hormonal acne, stress acne or just the occasional

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breakout, you can't use the typical 3 step system to improve acne in the high desert... it just doesn't work.

Most 3-step products include harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, alcohol and witchhazel which over-dry skin in the desert. Your skin just freaks out even more and causes more problems. Not only does Clear•Sky Skincare reduce breakouts, it keeps your skin soft while repairing past acne scars. We have tested our products on thousands of clients in a clinical environment and in their home use. It just works!

To give you the chance to see how great our system is we are selling our complete Morning & Evening system for only $49.99 which is normally $149.


  • STEP 1 AM - Morning Cleanse: Orange and Aloe Hydrating Face Wash 59 ml 

  • STEP 2 AM & PM Toner: Colloidal Silver Acne Toner 59 ml

  • STEP 3 AM Moisturizer: Aspen Bark Daytime 30 ml


  • STEP 1 PM - Evening Cleanse: AHA & BHA Face Wash 59 ml

  • STEP 2 AM & PM Toner: Colloidal Silver Acne Toner 59 ml

  • STEP 3 PM Moisturizer: Oil-Free Night Cream 59 ml

ONCE A WEEK: Pore Cleaning Exfoliant Bamboo Gentle Scrub 30 ml