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Freshly "cooked" products for every Breaking Bad fan. #BreakingBad


Here's our new line of Breaking Bad inspired blue products by Great Face & Body! 

Featured in People Magazine, USA Today, LA Times, Albuquerque Journal, KOAT Channel 7 news and more.

It’s time for Bathing Bad at eco-friendly day-spa Great Face & Body.  Like the infamous, albeit fictional, chemical kingpin from “Breaking Bad”—the smash-hit television series both filmed and set in Albuquerque — co-owners Keith and André West-Harrison, have also cleverly cashed-in on the sky-blue meth, although their chemistry isn’t breaking any laws.  

Our new “Bathing Bad” Bath Salts are just the same color—and are sold in similarly-themed 8oz. baggies—just like you might find on the street.  Since releasing their new Bathing Bad Bath Salts, we’ve already moved hundreds of pounds of the new products in 40 different states and 18 countries.  

Our success and celebrity clientele have been featured in the LA Times and several other online news portals.  With numbers like that, it’s hard to believe “Heisenberg” himself isn’t on our payroll, cooking the cerulean soap somewhere.

Cooked right in downtown Albuquerque, Bathing Bad is what happens when two fans of Breaking Bad buy a 9,000 sq ft building that had been vacant for 10 years. They needed major money to renovate and asked themselves "What Would Walter White Do?"  

Bathing Bad was a much better option than meth. The line features blue bathing products including lotions, soaps and scrubs.

All organic and natural ingredients including the blue dye derived from red cabbage. Email us with questions at


What is Bathing Bad?
  Ultimate Gift Bucket!
  Are you a dealer? Be one!

Do you find yourself worrying about taking care of yourself or your family? Do you spend time during your tv show wandering around in just your underwear? Even had a plane crash over your house? Are you looking for better ways than a carwash to launder your money?

Then Bathing Bad is for you. We relax away the bad with every, long, hot, luxurious bath. We have to tell you these are for external use only. Not to be used with a shovel or a meth pipe. All organic and natural ingredients including the blue dye derived from red cabbage.

Get the ultimate Bathing Bad gift set in a Los Pollos Hermanos seasoning bucket.

The kit includes:

  • Bathing Bad Bar Soap
  • Bathing Bad Bath Salts 8 oz bag
  • Bathing Bad Body Scrub 6 oz Jar
  • Bathing Bad Lotion 6 oz

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  DEA Agent Caught Bathing Bad

Steven Gomez Played by Steven Michael Quezada 

From Gomez is Hank's partner at the DEA. A mellow foil to Hank's boisterous team leader, "Gomie" assists Hank in the investigation into Heisenberg's notorious blue meth.

The relationship between the two partners is based on mutual respect, but also plenty of ribbing about everything from bad breath to unfortunate choices in facial hair.

Tension arises when Hank wants to pursue a Heisenberg lead that Gomez dismisses as inconsequential. Hank should just report to El Paso as ordered, Gomez claims. "I'm gettin' tired of all the second guessing," Hank replies tersely.

After Hank turns down an El Paso promotion, Gomez accepts it. At his partner's farewell party, Hank offers Gomez a statuette of Jesus Malverde, the patron saint of drug dealers. "Know your enemy and all," says Hank. "Fight the good fight, brother," he adds.

Marie is less forgiving after the Cousins attack Hank. "What kind of partner are you?" she asks Gomez. "You were supposed to back him up, and where were you?"

Marie finally allows Gomez to visit Hank in the hospital. He brings with him a map detailing the blue meth's resurgence throughout the Southwest. "You're the only one who saw this coming," Gomez tells Hank.

Despite praising Hank's instincts about the blue meth, Gomez rejects Hank's theory that Gus Fring is a secret kingpin, only agreeing to investigate Gus's laundry after Hank goads him into it. Analyzing photos that Gomez shot at the laundry, Hank reports to Skyler that the place is as "clean as a whistle... Or so he says."

Sales of the products support the local charity Enlace Comunitario. They are a social justice organization led by Latina immigrants in Central New Mexico.  Their mission is to work to eliminate domestic violence in the Latino immigrant community and to promote healthy families through: comprehensive domestic violence intervention services in Spanish, preventative community education, policy advocacy and leadership development. For general information about their program, you can call  (505) 246-8972 or visit 

Bathing Bad is not affiliated with the Breaking Bad production or AMC. We just love their work in ABQ!

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